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2012 – The Year of the Birther??? (A White Paper)

Squeeky Predicts - - "The Whole Kit and Kabuki"

Many people think the Birther movement was largely de-fused by Obama’s release of his long form birth certificate in April 2011. I am one of those people.  But, we were not “de-fused” because we failed, but because we succeeded.  Unrelenting pressure from us is what eventually forced Obama to acknowledge that he was not a KING, but a PRESIDENT, and accountable to the people. Obama coughed up his long form, and that satisfied most people.

But, there are TWO groups of people who were not satisfied.  The First Group are the remnants of the Common Sense Suspicious Birthers who think there is something fishy about the image of the long form put on the White House website. One of the layers in that image looks like this:

Sooo, while I think Obama did this ON PURPOSE to keep the Birther issue alive, who can really blame people for still being suspicious???  I mean, just imagine what people would be saying if George Bush had finally put up a document called Weapons of Mass Destruction List, and one of the layers read “Piggly Wiggly Shopping List Would anybody blame people for having doubts whether or not it was legitimate??? I think NOT!!! But let’s look anyway.  Suppose this was on George Bush’s White House website. (If you click on the image, it gets bigger.):

And, then somebody did  whatever and found this in one of the layers:

And suppose this had followed 3 years of a refusal to release the List of Weapons of Mass Destruction?  The layered image would not prove the top layer was false, but would people be paranoid conspiracy theorists to have doubts? I don’t think so, even if I did not agree with them. Maybe it proves forgery, or maybe it just proves incompetence.

Whoever is right, none of the possible reasons for the squirrely image on the White House website are very good (Where have I heard that line of reasoning before???) Either Obama is incompetent, and can’t even put a “flattened” image on the Internet, or Obama is an incompetent forger who leaves the evidence IN PLAIN VIEW, or Obama is SLIMY and being intentionally divisive in keeping this issue alive for political purposes.

But there is a real potential stigma that attaches to this branch of Birtherism right now, because people who don’t follow this issue and who are not deeply into all the minutia, will be easy to convince that Birthers  just won’t believe anything that Obama presents. They will be easy pickings for the people who argue, “Birthers demanded the long form —they got it—now they don’t believe that. Nothing will ever satisfy these people!”  And they will have good company because many people’s suspicions, including mine, were answered when Obama finally coughed up the long form in April 2011. While I have not found any good recent polls, the number of Birthers and other doubters, seems to be way down from the 58% of people who had some degree of doubt where Obama was born this time last year.

The Second Group is what I laughingly refer to as The Vattle Birthers, because of their silly insistence that Emerich de Vattel was the inspiration for the term natural born citizen in English and American common law. (Which, as I have pointed out before in my Internet Article here —Emerich de Vattel–A Vampire???, would have been pretty hard to do since the English law first started saying this in 1608 or even earlier, and Vattel wasn’t even born until 1714, over a hundred years later.)  The Vattle Birthers are universally ridiculed by both The Left and The Right for their crank legal theory that being a natural born citizen requires two citizen parents. In my opinion, they are also conspiracy theorists, since for their theory to have been overlooked would have required the silence of Obama’s opposition in the 2008 elections in addition to the silence of nearly every lawyer, judge, and law professor in the county, including the conservative Republican ones.

Sooo, what you have left are the remaining die-hard suspicious Birthers and the kooky Vattle Birthers. Now, we’re getting  to the point of this Internet Article. What is it that will make 2012 the Year of the Birther??? What is it that is going to cause an explosion in the news coverage of Birthers, to where the average American is convinced the woodwork is teeming with rabid roach-like Birthers- – -where, when you see one,  there are really a million there, peeking out from under the toaster, that you don’t see??? Easy—the Presidential election.

Obama has absolutely nothing else to campaign on.  The Economy SUCKS!!! Unemployment is at 9.1% or 17% depending on how you measure it. Nobody expects anything to improve before the election. The wars are still going on and Gitmo is open. Probably, somewhere, somebody is secretly being water-boarded.  Obamacare is on life-support and seeing white lights and dead relatives.  Then you have Solyndra and the whole green job thingy where the only green so far is the 535 million bucks that got flushed.  The Fast and Furious ATF Gun scandal, is turning into how fast and furiously Eric Holder can shred documents. A person could write a book here on how Obama has screwed up.

Much of this was predictable for anybody who read the Internet Articles here, and grasped the concept of the KISS Matrix.  Suffice it to say, Obama’s performance has been so bad, some people are questioning whether or not he will even run for re-election. But what happens if he does run???  What ever can the Talking Heads, Liberals, and Obotski find to discuss to draw attention away from the reality of The One???

Well the first standby is Racism. That’ a given and has already started. Lawrence O’Donnell, the white-as-rice smarmy little twerp on MSNBC is already lecturing Herman Cain, a black man who grew up in the South during the 1960’s about what Cain should have been doing to pass O’Donnell’s personal “Is he black enough?” test.

The next standby is of  course, Intelligence, or should I say politically correct Intelligence.  The left side of the political spectrum is convinced of their intellectual and moral superiority. So any candidate who does not believe in human caused global warming, or thinks the dude popularly known as GOD,  may have had a little something to do with how the human race got here, is in for high powered teasing.  Think Sarah Palin here. Her record as governor of Alaska did not matter. The we’re close to Russia thingy trumps her record. Meantime, Obama  gets a pass when he misses the date by a few years over to the wedding in England. No problemo– – -he’s from Hah-vard.

But there is a place where these two liberal standbys  meet, at least in the minds of the Liberals and Obotski —BIRTHERISM!!!  They already think that Racism is at the core of Birtherism, that Birthers just don’t like the scary black man in The White House.  After all, no other President in the history of America has ever had sooo great a demand put upon him as making a phone call and coughing up a $14 document.  And how stupid someone must be to doubt the authenticity of Obama’s  long form, even if one layer of it does look like  it got rode hard and put away wet by a bottle of White Out.

This is the Perfect Storm of Racism and Ignorance upon which the MSM, Left, and Obama must set sail.  What you will see are numerous shows, most probably on MSNBC, with a Birther twist.  Herman Cain is already attracting these lightning bolts. Why??? Because some of his Internet Articles appear on World Net Daily.

Sooo, look for Birthers to be a big and hot on television and blogs this year.  This will probably be the year with the most Birther appearances ever. The MSM hosts will try to portray Birthers as racist idiots, and will talk over whoever appears on the show. So, my advice is, stick to the basics!!!  If you are a regular Common Sense Suspicious Birther, stick to the Connecticut social security number, and the funky layer in the White House image, and stress that it is a EITHER-OR situation.  Either Obama forged it or Obama can’t tie his shoes right.

Focus on 90 lawsuits without discovery, because who goes through 90 law suits without an ulterior motive. If the cost isn’t in the millions for the lawsuit, ask the host how much they think got spent on 90 lawsuits. Even at $2,000 or $3,000 each, it is a lot of money. Plus, stay away from the two citizen parent stuff, because that is poison. Any lawyers on the show will tear you up, and be right in doing so. Plus, you do not want to poison the well for Mark Rubio and Bobby Jindal.

If you are a Vattle Birther, there is no helping you because you are crazy. If you have any sense of decency, please change your names to become Obama Constitutional Scholars. The name will fit you better because Obama can’t get anything right, either.

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

NOTE: For the conspiracy theorist minded,  I enlarged the “G” in George Bush’s name from the Weapons of Mass Destruction letter above, and this is what it looks like. I am not sure if this was intentional on his part, or just an artifact:

Silly Obots, Tricks Are For Kids!!! (Obama’s “Senior Staffers” SNAFU)

Obama's Senior Staff Danced So Long, The Poll Plumb Fell Down!!!

Well, as time goes by, more and more validation of the KISS Matrix occurs. For those of you new to The Birther Think Tank, the KISS Matrix was at the heart of Scientific Birtherism, which was primarily concerned with WHY Obama refused for sooo long to resolve the very simple question of where he was born.  By avoiding the temptation to assume we knew the right answer, the KISS Matrix instead analyzed ALL possible answers and discovered that  NONE of them were good reasons, and indicated something was definitely really fishy about Obama.  Here is the KISS MATRIX 2.0:

1. KIDS.  Obama has a bunch of Kids for advisers, who think this is funny???
2. IGNORANT. Obama was too ignorant to think of the simple answer.
3. SNOBBY. Obama thought Americans were too stupid to believe the REAL THING!
4. SLIMY. Obama thought it was OK to make some Americans look crazy if it got him votes.]

Well, LO AND BEHOLD guess what hit the news:

On June 28, 2011, Judicial Watch filed a FOIA request seeking the mission taskings, transportation records, and passenger manifests for Michelle Obama’s Africa trip. Documents were only provided after Judicial Watch filed suit:

The passenger manifests confirm the presence of Obama’s daughter’s, M***** and S*****  on the trip. The two girls are listed as “Senior Staff.”

[Note: The Birther Think Tank has bleeped out the children’s names in this Internet Article as they should be off limits to people because they are just innocent little kids and this wasn’t their fault.]

Here is the link to the story:

This fits in real well with Possibility Number 1, in the KISS Matrix “KIDS.  Obama has a bunch of Kids for advisers, who think this is funny???” Because think about it. Wasn’t it pretty childish for Obama and the Obtski to take three years to cough up a $14 long form, and then to cough up one that looks like the poster child for White Out, and has a Smiley Face buried in the name of the registrar???

To quote a famous poet, T.S. Eliot, from the Hollow Men:

Here we go round the prickly pear
Prickly pear prickly pear
Here we go round the prickly pear
At five o’clock in the morning.

(. . .here the Hollow Men are performing a children’s dance around a cactus, totally unaware of the significance of the time. ) See:

Silly Obots,  tricks should be  for kids.

Squeeky Fromm,
Girl Reporter

No Birther Has Ever Escaped From Obotski Stall-ag 13???

PJFoggy and Dr. Conspiracy Were Feeling Pretty Cool About The Perfect Record Thingy!!!

When I moved earlier this year, it took a few days for the cable to get hooked up, sooo I connected a antenna and there is this really wonderful ME TV Channel thing where they show old timey TV shows, some of which I never heard of before, like Route 66 and now, some bald detective guy named Kojak.  Another show that was on was called Hogan’s Heroes, and is a historic comedy show about World War II and how some Allied prisoners just make complete fools of the Germans.

The guy who runs Stalag 13 is called Colonel Klink, and he is not very good at his job. The prisoners come and go as they please,  and are even friends with all the German Shepherd guard dogs. There is a tunnel, with a door that opens up outside the prison through a tree trunk with a hinged door. Colonel Hogan and his men blow up stuff like every night and slip away into town to party. But the Germans never catch on because no prisoner has ever escaped Stalag 13.The perfect record keeps the Germans from getting the Big Picture, that stuff is blowing up all around them on a regular basis.

Things are kind of like that in the Obotski world. So far, Obama and his Obotski minions have a perfect record IN COURT. They have never lost a Birther case.  Now, over three years after Obama put out his short form birth certificate, cases are still going on IN COURT.  The U.S. Supreme Court is about to decide whether or not to hear another one. If I had to bet, Birthers will lose again.  But, just like at Stalag 13, a perfect record can be deceiving.  Because what a smart and effective person would want to do is put an end to the questions concerning eligibility. If Obama and his Obotski Retinue had any sense, they would want to confront the issues, win them, and put an end to the questions.  They would not keep stalling in their “Stall-ag.”  But, that would put an end to the Obotski merriment, and  not be as much fun as winning IN COURT and getting to tease Birthers about it.

Sooo, the next time you see the Obotski teasing Dr. Taitz, or bragging about their perfect record IN COURT, just think of Colonel Hogan. And think about Obama, and how political stuff keeps blowing up around him.  Now, everybody is catching on to his ineffectiveness, his amateurish administration, and his obliviousness to the true state of affairs IN THE COUNTRY.  Meanwhile, Obama’s approval numbers are sinking  IN THE COURT OF PUBLIC OPINION, and even Admiral Axelrod is using the “T” word—Titanic.  On websites across the country, the Birther versus Obotski fights are still the most contentious and debated threads.  And, there is a election coming up. But, the Obotski, like Sgt. Schultz,  know Nothing–Nothing!!!

Tee Hee!!! Tee Hee!!!

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

Dr. Confusious and the Great Obotski Knowledge Quest

Dr. Confusious, With Obotski Retinue, On The Road To Laguna Niguel

Well, it seems the Head Obotski, Dr. Conspiracy, of Obama Conspiracy Theories, has decided to set forth on a Knowledge Quest to better understand Birtherism:

My personal focus for the summer is expanding the Understanding the birthers article series. My concern is that the analysis of the birther phenomenon (including my own) is overly simplistic.[Emphasis Added]

This is part of his “Understanding The Birthers” series. Here is a link to that quote, and if you click on the “Understanding the Birthers” link above, it pulls up the rest of those Internet Articles.

But, as much as The Birther Think Tank respects Knowledge, in all its many forms, perhaps the Good Doctor is on the wrong quest.  Bitherism was, and is, pretty easy to understand. There is an underlying, and well-deserved, mistrust of government, the Elites, and the Main Stream Media.  There were wide-scale questions (based, with hindsight, on misplaced suspicions) for proof  of Obama’s place of birth. Unsatisfactory information was provided, followed by a three year refusal to supplement the evidence. What is hard to understand about the rumors flying like crazy???

No, the Better Quest would be for Dr. Confusious to first seek to understand The Obotski, including himself. What ever possessed the Obama and the Obotski to shut down for three years, and let the rumor blossom to the point where 58% of the country had some degree of doubt where Obama was born??? The Birther Think Tank always viewed this as the REAL Birther Question, and developed the KISS MATRIXes to address these concerns.

And, this remark by Dr. Confusious is particularly telling:

I gain a sense [of] power by exposing the flaws in individual birthers.

To the REAL Confucius, wisdom started first with understanding oneself followed with the gradual comprehension of the rest of the world.

To be wise is to recognize what you do know and what you do not know. To think that you know more than you do is delusion, likewise failing to acknowledge what you do not have an understanding of is again delusion. “Every time three people walk together, there must be one that can be my teacher.” Another important component of wisdom is never failing to identify one’s own shortcoming while be able to appreciate others’ strengths for everyone is someone worth learning from.

But perhaps, as is sometimes the case, Dr. Confusious will stumble across these insights somewhere along the way.

Bon voyage.

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

Expose’: Squeeky Fromm – Obotski Girl Spy!!!

Her Girl Reporter Cover Blown, The Obotski Spy Queen Slipped Into Something More Comfortable

Well, it happened. I have finally been “outed” as a stealth Obot. I made the mistake of criticizing the Vattle Birthers and one of them uncovered my shady secret—Yes, I, Squeeky Fromm, Girl Reporter and Birther am actually the UNDERCOVER Spy Queen of the OBOTSKI!!!

I knew it had to come out sooner or later. But I curse myself for my carelessness. How could I have ever forgot the importance of pretending to believe the stupid two citizen parent stuff. Now, I have to leave the Birther life of Freedom and Dignity behind and return to the cold, damp basement haunts of the Obotski. No more leather and lace. No more boots. No, I am condemned to return to the standard Obotski garb of bow ties and tennis shoes. No more Franzia White Zinfadel Wine for me- – -no, it is back to plain Obotski Kool Aid,  your choice of Goofy Grape or Silly Stawberry. No more club scene- – -just the endless tedium of waiting for the Mother Ship to pick us up.

All my work for well over a year of just giving Obama and the Obotski all they  could handle has come to naught.  Uncle George Soros has cut the Hazardous Duty Bonus from my paycheck.  Worst of all, I have to listen to ALL of Obama’s speeches. How did this happen, you ask??? It was like this: I criticized the Vattle Birthers, and one of them, let’s call him Poopman, got mad because I pointed out that a Vattle Birther law case did not say what the Vattle Birthers pretended it said. That seems to happens a lot in Vattle Birther land.

Sooo, Poopman did some googling and discovered me, nine months ago, fighting Obotski at Obotski Central all by myself.  For 300 pages or so the battle raged on, with me giving the Obotski pure hell.  And several more threads just like that one. And well over a year of very good Birther Internet Articles. But, in Vattle Birther Land, things (like law cases) mean the opposite of what they really say, sooo Poopman decided I was a STEALTH UNDERCOVER OBOT!!! And he told the world!!!

But wait a minute- – -that is only PROOF in Vattle Birther La La Land. All the rational people will still think that battling Obots and writing very good Birther Internet Articles for well over a year means I am a REAL Birther. Sooo, I don’t have to go back to the Obotski Echo Chamber, and worry about little stuff like whether it is a “X” or a “H”. OH HAPPY DAY!!! I can still be a Free Human Being, not a mindless OBOT!!! My cover isn’t blown after all. Hallelujah!!!

Sooo, everybody just ignore this, OK???

Tee Hee! Tee Hee!

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

NOTE: The Obots did namejack me a lot in the past, and said stupid Obotski things under my name, which is why I started my own websites. Some Obotski still think I am too smart to be a Birther.  I have shown them my Birth Certificate and everything, but they still don’t believe me.  Oh well. I guess I should have shown them the long form.

Yes We Koan!!! Part Deux – The Vine of Much Itching

A Yin That Can Not Be Scratched

This is another entry into the Koan Kontest at Obotski Central. Because of it’s length, and the fact that it kind of sums up the whole issue, I have made it a separate post. The original Koans I did are a few entries back from this one. Like the others, this will probably fly right over the heads of the Obotski, because they are limited in thinking New Thoughts. Here is where you can find the contest:

The Vine of Much Itching

Once, as a Master instructed a group of acolytes by Koan, one of them inquired why the Master recited to them the Koans of The Master of Dung, and of The Ship of Village Idiots, and of The Wisdom of Feet, yet did not instruct them in the Greatest of All Koans, The Vine of Much Itching. This Koan was known by the learned and un-learned alike, under one name or another, and all had oft heard the story since the age of children. The Master directed the acolyte to relate the tale, in his own manner, and thus:

Once, in the corner of the garden of newly appointed Prefect, the Palace Gardener noticed a small vine growing, a vine known by many names – The Vine of Misery, The Vine of Skin Bubbles, but most often, The Vine of Much Itching. Tales of this vine were so ancient, and so ubiquitous, that the great Fu Xi himself had indeed written of it, The Book of Itching, believing that Great Divinations could be had simply from the study thereof. The Prefect, supposedly a Man of Great Wisdom, instructed the Gardener to simply cut off the vine at the ground. The Gardener obeyed, leaving the root of the Vine in the ground.

When the Vine re-grew, as indeed it did to great degree, the Prefect ignored it, and all entreaties to uproot the Vine. Soon, the Misery was great among the dwellers of the Palace, for lo, did all passing the Vine swear that the very air itself would afflict them with the poisonous oil. But, still the Prefect did not order the uprooting and burning of the Vine, said refusal being the reason for much curiosity and speculation.

Some, among those who were never pleased with the appointment of the Prefect, thought the reason to be Foolish Pride, wherein the Prefect would not admit his error in not properly disposing of the Vine. Others, that the Prefect was not a man of Wisdom after all, but merely a Fool in robes of authority, while still others mused that the Prefect, being born in a different Province, was simply unaware of the nature of the Vine.

Still others, versed in the ways of political intrigue, voiced with certainty that the Prefect intended to confound those not close to him with miserable scratching.  And, those who were most faithful to the Prefect, and close to him in their daily duties, mocked the doubters with derision, and defended their Lord, swearing that the Prefect had already disposed of the Vine, and that verily there was no need to do aught else, even while scratching furiously themselves, and wailing in grief. Finally, after well nigh three years of suffering, the Prefect, who himself had finally been touched by the Itch, and whose Ministers could barely carry on their duties for the constant scratching, moaning, and putting on of tinctures, ordered the Vine be uprooted and burned.

However, even after destruction, the Vine continued to afflict, for it had propagated by way of sprigs and berries, and those previously infected were made even more susceptible to the poison. Even those who scratched not, had lost confidence in the Prefect. Because of this, the province suffered, and the Prefect was recalled by the Emperor to serve in small and sundry ways, where he could do little harm.

Thus ended the acolyte’s telling of the tale, and all awaited the words of The Master. The Master spoke saying, verily, that this was the Greatest of Koans, and one from which much knowledge could be gleaned. And, that all the Koans taught thus far, were but small kernels of enlightenment which the acolytes must take in to fully understand the Vine of Much Itching, for the Vine itself was not the true source of the Great Misery and Suffering that befell the province.

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

The Obotski Hall of Shame – Bovril

Obotski On Hidden Prison Cam Waterboarding An Inmate

The third Shamee to be admitted to The Obotski Hall of Shame is a Obot called Bovril. Sometimes he adds a 1 or something to his name. Bovril is one of the Obotski who helped shut down Gretawire, along with PJFoggy and Rikker. He is proud of this achievement, probably because the Obotski win more arguments when the opposition has been stifled.

Click On Image To Make Larger

One would note simply arguing with someone is not getting down in the mud to fight.  No, I was there at Gretawire when this was going on, and getting down in the mud to fight was gross, calculated forum disruption. Bovril, and PJFoggy, and Rikker were successful. They managed to cause enough ruckus that a forum was shut down. But, better that than argument or debate!!! It is comforting to know that Bovril is possessed of  all the moral superiority of the Conquistadors in South America, or the Belgians in the Congo:

Click On Image To Make Larger

And stridently, Bovril reminds us not to turn the other cheek, or pussy foot around. No, for Bovril it is Onward Obotski Soldiers, marching as to war!!! For unless people who disagree with you, the others, the ENEMY are stomped down, you know where demonization of the other through these tactics will lead. . .you might become another Bovril.

Shame on you, Bovril!!!

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

The Obotski Hall of Shame – Rikker

Obotski Caught On Hidden Cemetery Cam Robbing Graves For Beer Money

It is fitting that the Obot referred to as the sidekick of PJFoggy be the second Shamee admitted to the Obotski Hall of Shame. The Obot is named Rikker, and who knows what other aliases he operates under. Rikker is being admitted for his sins against Freedom of Speech. Rikker admits to doing his best to Stifle the Opposition, not by his LOGIC, or good debate, but by trashing at least one forum, Greta van Susteran’s Gretawire, which was shut down because she did not wish to have full time moderation to control the vandals and Internet thugs who invaded the website. Here the two are bragging about their depradations:

Click On Image To Make It Larger

And then, Rikker the Sidekick,

Click On Image To Make It Larger

I used to post on Gretawire, and there were times when the Obotski forum disruptors were sooo bad you couldn’t discuss news or threads.  While it is one thing to disagree, it is completely un-American to deliberately set out to destroy someone else’s Freedom of Speech.  But what is really unbelievable are the many statements from Rikker, and other Obotski, about what bad Americans the Birthers were. There must be no mirrors in their houses, or perhaps they are so hollow they cast no reflection.

Shame on you, Rikker!!!

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

The Obotski Hall of Shame – PJFoggy

Obotski Caught On Hidden Arctic Cam Clubbing A Baby Seal

In line with our very good analysis of Birtherism and Post-Birtherism issues,  The Birther Think Tank is starting a Obotski Hall of Shame series, to bring to light the horrible and reprehensible acts done by the Obotski in the past and currently.  The first “Shamee” is:

PJFoggy – Obotski Provocateur

PJFoggy is the head Obot at the Fogbow.  The Fogbow is one of the main Obotski “de-bunking” websites. PJFoggy is admitted to the Obotski Hall of Shame for his actions in promoting and knowingly spreading a  PHONY Obama Birth Certificate.  It is the very epitome of UNCLEAN HANDS to disseminate a false thing, and then tease those that believe it.  This is also the Epitome of Masturbation, putting out your own document so that you can de-bunk it. Talk about playing with yourself!!!

Click On Image To Make It Larger

Plus PJFoggy was instrumental in helping cause grief to Greta Van Susteran’s former forum, Gretawire, and helping to shut it down. The Obotski have no respect for Freedom of Speech.

Click On Image To Make It Larger

I used to debate PJFoggy at Gretawire, and he was pretty easy to beat WITH LOGIC. See, for example, this recent spanking I gave PJFoggy when he pulled a logically stupid, but NOT shameful, stunt:

No doubt but that his BRAINLESSNESS is why he resorted to these UTTERLY SHAMEFUL acts!!! From what I have read, PJFoggy has done a lot more really rotten stuff to Birthers, but it is his right to have his own opinion and say what he thinks. However, there is NO JUSTIFICATION for trying to stifle the opposition and putting out phony document stuff to exacerbate what was, and is, a very divisive issue in our country.

Shame on you, PJFoggy!!!

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

Obotski Fearanheit 451- The Banning Of Birthers!!!

Obotski, Trying To Stifle The Opposition

Oh, tonight was a HIGH POINT in my life!!! I regularly listen to the Obotski Radio Station each Thursday night. I get many ideas on Internet Articles from them, plus it is a smart thing to keep tabs on the other side. But tonight, I was locked out of the Chat Room by one of the new guys running the show, a blogger known to the world as Dr. Ken Noisewater. I didn’t do anything wrong, or use bad language. No, I just scared the BEEJESUS out of Dr. Ken Noisewater with my intellect!!!

I used to regularly beat him WITH LOGIC at Obama Conspiracy Theories, and really gave him hell when he admitted criticizing Internet Articles WITHOUT even reading them. Well, tonight he got his Obotski Revenge for me just beating him WITH LOGIC like a carpet over a clothesline. OH, TEE HEE!!!, how will I ever survive such a fate, not being able to argue with somebody who is as dumb as a bag of hammers!!!

This reinforces my idea that I am the one person the Obotski fear more than any other Birther, or whatever we should be called now that Obama coughed up his long form birth certificate. Oh, how badly I must frighten Dr. Ken Noisewater and the rest of the Obotski.

Sooo, when you hear the Obotski talk about how smart they are and how they win arguments. . .well they are right.  As long as there is no one else can say anything.

Seig Heil Obotski!!!

Tee Hee! Tee Hee!

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

UPDATE: Tonight, June 17, 2011, I was told by the person who runs the radio program, Reality Check, that I was permitted back into the chat room the next time the show airs.  I don’t chat much when I am there, but it is the principle of the thing that is important.