The Great Freeper Birther Purge Of 2013 (Too Little, Too Late???)

Purge 2

They Were Each Sentenced To Ten Years Of Cleaning Up Steaming Piles Of Vattel

Following up on a story of a few days ago (see Note 2 below), Jim Robinson, the Eugene H. Krabs of the Free Republic Krusty Krab, is threatening to purge the place of any two-citizen parents Birthers who say mean things about either Ted Cruz or Mark Levin, Esq. Robinson has put up his own post based on the Cato Institute report which opined that Ted Cruz is a natural born citizen. There is a link below, but the actual story ran here a few days ago. What is fun is the comments! Here are a representative few:

Jim Robinson Comment# 1: As I’ve stated elsewhere on this forum many times, I have infinitely more confidence in Mark Levin and the CATO Institute than I do in legions of internet sea lawyers and bloggers.

If Ted Cruz decides to run for the Presidency and he appears to be the strongest conservative running, I will support him to the hilt. He’s one of the few conservatives in the Senate who actually has the balls to stand up for conservatism and against Obama and the GOP-e RINOs. This is a battle for the survival of America as a free nation. If we allow the democrats and the GOP-e statists to select our next opposition candidate for us, ie, Chris Christie or Jeb Bush, this nation is kaput.

We stand united or we fall. We cannot afford to destroy our best candidates or to split our conservative vote to the point that the likes of Christy or Bush gets the nod and someone like Hillary waltzes into the White House.

Supporting the “electable” Dole, McCain and Romney gave us Clinton and Obama. Supporting the crazy conservative gave us President Reagan.

and, in support of the author of the Cato Institute Piece:

Jim Robinson at Comment#  56: Looks like he’s a natural born citizen according to this author and I like his credentials as opposed to the usual internet blogger. Mark Levin likes him too. And I have much more faith in Mark Levin than your average anonymous sea lawyer/blogger.

CATO’s Ilya Shapiro: [long list of Shapiro’s qualifications omitted]

and, in response to the usual Birther “But, but, but . . . what about the Constitution?” crap, he says in six different comments:


Give us a break. No one but you is good enough for you.

Cruz is a natural born citizen. Get over it.

So those of us who support the grassroots tea party conservative and probably strongest conservative in the senate if not the entire Republican party are now considered to be moderates by birthers? Don’t look now, but I’m beginning to think the people who say birthers are nutcases aren’t that far off base. You people are imploding. Best rethink your strategy.

I’m not implying any such thing. I’m stating that if you post another slanderous attack on Mark Levin or Ted Cruz like you did earlier today, your ass is zot. If you wish to attack good conservatives, start your own damned website and have at it. You’re not going to do it here. Good luck with that. [this was to Cold Case Posse Supporter]

Either give it a rest or go somewhere else to post. I’m not interested in your slander of two great conservatives (Levin and Cruz). Drop it or begone!!

Robinson has a lot more to say, but you can read the thread yourself if you  are interested. It is still going on:

In his usual subtle and understated way, Robinson also put a separate link up on the Forum, in Big Red Letters. The arrow and the box around the link are mine:

Free Republic Cruz Link

(Click on Image Once or Twice to Make It Larger.)

What I find interesting is that Robinson is only rehashing the same arguments that many people there, including me, made before we were zotted.  He does not appear to be well versed in the topic, and just bases his opinion on Levin and the Cato Institute Report. Here is what I predict is going to happen.

First, the “birth certificate” Birthers will continue posting as usual because the basis of their belief is simply suspicions about Obama’s roots, and not the Vattel stuff. Meantime, the two citizen parents Birthers will simply continue to peddle their nonsense against Obama, while laying off of Ted Cruz and Mark Levin.  I look for them to escalate their efforts to make up for the fact that they have to STFU about Cruz. Either Jim Robinson will get the fact that a Birther Mack Truck is driving through his living room, or he won’t.

Either way, the damage is already mostly done. Over the last five years, the idiots have been busy promulgating the two citizen parent crap at Free Republic, and from there little piles of the doo-doo have been spread to blogs and forums all across the Conservative blogosphere.  And from thence, thousands of poisonous mushrooms have blossomed. I wonder if Jim Robinson understands that what is wrong with the two citizen parents theory isn’t that it hurts Ted Cruz, but that it is nothing but a stupid lie, and never was anything but that.

Like Edmund Burke said, “Sin has many tools, but a lie is the handle which fits them all.”

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

Note 1. The Image. This is a photograph from the Soviet purges under Stalin. I was not able to determine its origin.

Note 2. Previous Posts: Here is the link to the previous Free Republic story:

And here is the link to the Cato Institute Story:

Note 3. For ESLs. The Image Easter Egg is a word play on seersucker, a type of cotton fabric often used in robes and sheer sucker, one who is utterly and completely fooled.

Note 4. Photographs of Free Republic Birthers. I have to admit that I LMAO every time I read this post, with its photographs of the Freeper Birthers. I know, I’m vain. Please forgive me.

Note 5.  Let A Hundred Flowers Bloom. This is the phrase behind the thousand poisonous mushrooms term I used.  It has to do with purges, or ideological cleansing. Wiki notes:

The first part of the phrase is often remembered in the West as “let a hundred flowers bloom”. It is used to refer to an orchestrated campaign to flush out dissidents by encouraging them to show themselves as critical of the regime, and then subsequently imprison them.

This view is supported by authors Clive James and Jung Chang, who posit that the campaign was, from the start, a ruse intended to expose rightists and counter-revolutionaries, and that Mao Zedong persecuted those whose views were different from the party’s.

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7 responses to “The Great Freeper Birther Purge Of 2013 (Too Little, Too Late???)

  • davidfarrar

    Come on Squeeky, you know if someone was spreading malicious lies just because they are racists, it would quickly die out, especially when these same “racists” are using the very same truth to go after one of their own. The truth you are so frightened about isn’t the fact that neither Obama, nor Ted Cruz, are Art. II, §1, cl. 4 natural born citizens; you are afraid about the fact that you have been wrong all along; in my humble O.

    Here is the simple truth that frightens you so: The plenary authority of government cannot make Art. II, §1, cl. 4 natural born (US) citizens. Both Barack Obama and Ted Cruz are US citizens at birth, not by birth.

    After the War of Independence, the republican constitutional theory conceived of the individual as a Citizen and assigned sovereignty to the people. Therefore, to find the original meaning of a “natural born citizen” used in 1787, we must look at this enigmatic phrase, not through the eyes of a subject, but through the eyes of a sovereign, using natural law.

    The practical interpretation of this presidential qualification, from the very beginning, so as to avoid dual allegiances at birth, has been to require both parents to be US citizens, and their offspring to be born within the jurisdiction. In fact, 43* out of the last 44 elected presidents have followed this prescription. Although this tradition had nothing to do with the sexual equity issues of today, it perfectly fits the requirements of the 1922-34 Marriage Act and updates (The Cable Act), wherein the allegiance of the wife was maintained after marriage, while avoiding the inevitable growing list of resultant dual allegiances at birth.

    Under this definition, neither Barack Obama, nor Sen Cruz, are Art. II, §1, cl. 4 natural born US as they both had dual allegiances at birth. Barack Obama was born a natural born British subject and native US citizen, while Sen Cruz was born a natural born citizen of Cuba and US citizen at birth.

    ex animo
    *I include Chester Arthur in with the US Presidents who followed the two citizen-parent rule due to the fact that he lied twice about his fathers naturalization and took steps to hide this fact by leaving instructions to burn all of his personal records after his death.

    • Slartibartfast


      What cause have birthers ever given to make anyone afraid? I’m fully convinced that you and your ilk would be unable to win a court case even if your theories had merit—which they clearly don’t. All that is accomplished by you witless prattle is to further solidify the theory that you have no idea what you are talking about.

      Here are some facts that you seem to have a problem with (as evinced by your willful ignorance regarding them):

      Chester Arthur’s eligibility was challenged by alleging he was born in Canada—his father’s English citizenship at the time of his birth was known, yet his opponents did not think that effected his eligibility (just like the citizenship of President Obama’s father was well known and none of his opponents considered it an issue).

      Spiro Agnew was a natural born Greek citizen (according to the laws of Greece) his entire life. No one said a word about it rendering him ineligible nor was he ever asked when his father naturalized (before or after his birth).

      Ted Cruz was not just born a US citizen and a Cuban citizen*, but he was also clearly a natural born citizen of Canada and remains one to this day. While the Founders may not have considered someone in his situation natural born (except between 1790 and 1795), the precedent of John McCain suggests that he would be considered eligible if the matter were successfully raised in court.

      You should really ponder the meaning of the adage: “It is better to remain quiet and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt.”

      * I believe this is true, but one would have to consult the laws of Cuba to be sure.

  • Squeeky Fromm, Girl Reporter

    Hi DavidF!!!

    That wasn’t you that got zotted yesterday was it??? It was somebody named “TomDavidD”

    Anyway, you said: “Here is the simple truth that frightens you so: The plenary authority of government cannot make Art. II, §1, cl. 4 natural born (US) citizens. Both Barack Obama and Ted Cruz are US citizens at birth, not by birth.”

    Well, it doesn’t scare me none. Because Congress was given that right, and it has been exercised since the days of Merry Old England. And, if Ted Cruz runs, whichever courts hear the Birther law suits will confirm the right.

    I am going to do a separate post on this issue, too. Because it was mentioned a lot on the Free Republic thread.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  • Mitch

    Birther nuts have also driven off Jeff Winston, one of the few sane people there. I guess he got tired of banging his head against the wall.

  • arnash

    A quote from a new expose of Obama fraudulent background:

    ” How do Obama’s flying monkeys respond to such questions and suspicions? Their only recourse is to stringently adhere to the pretense that the word of Hawaiian officials is the gods-honest, official, grown-up authority-figure, unquestioningly truthful truth.

    In other words, they never lie. They work for the government so you have no choice but to believe them. They would not lie. And yet they have lied. Not one of them can claim that they have never in their adult life told a lie. They cannot claim with any veracity that there is nothing on earth that would prompt them to lie. They cannot claim that even if they do lie, it would bother their atheist consciences.

    So there are real reasons that would lead them to lie, but the total collapse of the regime of their favorite native-son and his abject humiliation and possible prosecution is absolutely not one of them. No, no, never. Trust them, and stop asking anymore damn questions!”

    Inquiring mind do not want to know.
    They just want to move along because there is nothing to see here.

    “These are not the droids we’re looking for.”

    Read more from my latest & greatest Obama tarring expose. It tars him with the facts and questions that he cannot and will not address and answer, nor can anyone on his behalf. It reveals what kind of a mysterious Black Hole his history is. OBAMA’S SECRET ORIGIN
    The Hidden Past He Can’t Reveal nor Disprove

    It pretty much decapitates any naive presumption about his doubtless legitimacy.

    • Slartibartfast


      Once again you wage an epic battle in your own mind against the straw man positions which you dishonestly ascribe to us.

      No one ever said that a government official cannot lie, but the US Constitution is quite clear that, absent CREDIBLE evidence to the contrary, the official acts of the several states MUST be given full faith and credit. In other words, your argument IS BLATANTLY UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

      You are a sad, pathetic, little man and you will never be more than an abject failure in your attempts to spread your bigotry.

    • Joel L. Lawler

      Not to gild Slarti’s sardonic lily, but you’re a dickhead, too.

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