Sharon Rondeau: When The Un-informed Authorities Meet The Uniformed Authorities!!!


After They Explained The Meaning Of GFY! To Sharon Rondeau, She Just Stood There With A Blank Look On Her face

Sharon Rondeau, the indefatigable editor of the Post and Email, tried to involve the military in her Birther silliness and got uniformly dismissed. And not politely. Here is an excerpt from ObamaReleaseYourRecords:

The military has remained silent on the Obama eligibility/identity issue. At 7:13 a.m. EDT on Thursday, The Post & Email contacted Public Affairs Officer Lt. Col. Catherine Wilkinson for comment on the declaration of forgery regarding Obama’s documentation:

Hi Cathy, my newspaper has been following the Obama eligibility/identity question for the last four years since its inception in August 2009.

May I obtain a statement from the military about whether or not they are aware that the long-form birth certificate image posted on the White House website since April 27, 2011 has been declared a “computer-generated forgery” by a law enforcement investigation?

Is the military aware that a congressional investigation into the forgery might be launched as a result of the Cold Case Posse’s investigation?

Does the military have the ability to analyze the Obama birth certificate image and Selective Service registration form to determine if they are authentic? If so, why has that not been done?

What are the ramifications if the U.S. military has been taking orders from someone who achieved the office of president and commander-in-chief by fraud?

Thank you very much.

Sharon Rondeau, Editor
The Post & Email
P.O. Box 195
Stafford Springs, CT 06076

At approximately 9:30 a.m. EDT, we received a response from Lt. Col. J. Todd Breasseale, which reads:

Dear Ms. Rondeau,
> We can only assume that your query is not a legitimate question and is some sort of nonsensical joke.
> We are happy to consider reality-based requests, but do not entertain absurdities from the web.
> Very respectfully,
> Todd

There is more at this link:

Ms. Rondeau pretended to be confused by this, and you can read at the link above how she sent a second indignant inquiry, and got a polite one word response, “Noted.”

But, should she really be surprised? The Cold Case Posse supposedly has proof that Obama’s online image of his long form birth certificate is a forgery. Yet, no prosecutor has touched it. Gee, I wonder why that is??? Don’t you really try to get a prosecutor to look into something that is allegedly criminal BEFORE you contact the Pentagon??? What are they supposed to do anyway, invade Pennsylvania Avenue or something???

She may as well have contacted the Military Authorities about phony Moon Landings. Rondeau got the response that she knew she would get, and now she gets to play Birther Victim, and get some tears and group hugs from the other indignant Birthers.


Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

Note 1. The Image. This is the beautiful Patricia Laffin in her role as The Devil Girl From Mars (1954).

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5 responses to “Sharon Rondeau: When The Un-informed Authorities Meet The Uniformed Authorities!!!

  • Dave B.

    I like that sentence from the ORYR article,
    “The Wikipedia entry for Obama has been noted to have been unclear about Obama’s birthplace or altered on several occasions.”
    I was looking up some odds and ends about the Regulators in pre-Revolution North Carolina one day, and I came across this little jewel of a wikipedia edit while it was still in the article:

  • Frank Bolivar

    Poor Sharon. All riled up and no one will play birther with her.

  • Dr. Conspiracy

    He should responded, “nuts.”

  • Time

    Tic, toc… The clock tics, and you who hides inside the clock of the tower who thinks the hour is not of theirs is fooled.. To ever think they don’t know is just as stupid to ever think we are.. Have a great after life.. Welcome to hell.. They have been waiting so long for you to arrive and that is soon to come, your trip there.. Please do not take the wrath out on my kid, like always you do, but then again the wicked of evil just seem to not be able to control it, their evil and have no ability to see that they the stupid were set up to be caught in their own web of deceit, their own lies of being and their own hate inside them. Who could ever know it, me, and some others but not you, the evil of it, hate the targetors of them doing it.. Take your shot of whiskey, wine, your ending is soon to come. The pain is soon to suffer of all of you that took to the internet that caused so much of it, suffering, pain. To so many that never did anything to anyone but speak truth and tried to save their nation from evil bastards like you.. The hour is upon you soon. Make arrangements, make the last hours count and do something worth your life in having it given to you for it is known now what you did, all of you who did. It was just me, and others, the innocent that exposed you, lead you there in having them see it and you the stupid that never saw it, any of it my ruse in taking you there.. Again, WELCOME TO HELL, YOU EARNED IT…YOU SURE DID !!! They will be coming soon to round you all up, if not already …. All mine the pleasure in having it done, finally…

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