An Open Letter To Larry Klayman, Esq.!!! (Or, Patriotic Girl Reporter Per Missive)

After Delivering The Letter, The Postman And Klayman Chatted A While

It seems the Birthers are constantly doing these goofy open letters, where the Birther is usually indignant that somebody somewhere isn’t doing something. Then all the Birther blogs print the letter as if it is big news. The headlines are a hoot. You see stuff like:

Ex-Cop Writes Letter To Congress Demanding Impeachment!!!

Patriotic Ex-Marine Demands Prosecutor Arrest President!!!

Grandmother of Six Calls For Obama To Be Frogmarched Back To Kenya!!!

They always seem to characterize the writer in some American Hero Jungian Archetype, fashion, where either the job occupation or some other fact about the writer is supposed to elevate the nature of the piece away from the “some clown wrote a letter” category.  I suppose if Sammy The Stumblebum  hits them up for some Thunderbird money, the headline would be:

Small Businessman Demands Justice Department Do Something About Obama!!!

So anyway, why should they have all the fun??? Here is my first attempt at an Open Letter. I will get better with practice. Just click on the image to enlarge:

Plus, here is a pdf of the letter in case any blogs want to run a story on this:

Squeeky’s Open Letter To Larry Klayman

I think a good headline would be something like:

Very Smart And Intrepid Girl Reporter Demands Answers!!!

Sexy Daughter of Retired Air Force Officer Targets Birthers!!!

Well-dressed Girl Reporter Clobbers Birther Lawyer WITH LOGIC!!!

But I’m not trying to influence anybody or anything like that. Oh no. Not me.

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

Note 1. The Image. This is from the 1997 film, The Postman. Kevin Costner is playing the postman. I am not sure who the mule is playing Larry Klayman.

Note 2. Here is the World Net Daily Internet Article which inspired this piece:

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