World Famous Brazilian Expert Examines The Long Form Image!!!

John Woodman Trekked Deep Into The Brazilian Tropical Rain Forest In His Quest For A World Class Expert

In a search that took him across the globe, John Woodman, author of Is Barack Obama’s Birth Certificate A Fraud,  managed to find a world class computer expert to examine the pdf image of Obama’s long form birth certificate. Here is a teaser, and the rest is at the link below:

As I examined patents and technical papers written on MRC compression, one name in particular seemed to pop up again and again — that of Ricardo de Queiroz.

Ricardo de Queiroz is one of the primary fathers of this entire technology.

The very first “mixed raster content” patent in the United States was granted to Leon Bottou and Yann Andre LeCun… But the 2nd, 4th, 5th, 7th, 8th, and 13th patents were granted to Ricardo de Queiroz and his team. That’s about half of the first dozen or so patents. And some of his team members and students have also gone on to further develop the technology.

In addition, Professor de Queiroz appears again and again as an author of the available technical papers on MRC compression.

Now there are certainly many other individuals who have contributed to the development of this technology; and several in particular have made really big contributions. But I decided, based on what I read in the patent filings and technical papers, that if I were going to contact one expert in the world on this particular technology, the person I would pick would be Ricardo de Queiroz.

So I contacted him. And Dr. de Queiroz was gracious enough to reply — for which I thank him. In clarifying what compression technology is capable of, he has rendered a genuine service to all who have held any interest in this controversy.

World Class Computer Expert Evaluates Obama’s Birth Certificate PDF

This is a fascinating Internet Article and you should read it! While technical, it is still very understandable.

Squeeky Fromm
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Note 1. The Image. Interestingly, Tropical Rain Forests have layers, too:

A tropical rainforest has four distinct layers

Emergent layer
Under story
Forest floor

From this website:

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